Hello my hardworking NAGE Local 282 members:

I work in the EOHHS and have proven to be an outstanding public servant by being a balanced leader who believes in listening, learning and serving members of the Local 282.

I am proud of my public service and extensive record of volunteer service in the local community, which includes work for many collaboratives and non-profit organizations over the past 19 years.

Please vote for me, and I will do the best job I can in working towards your best interests on my platform’s 3 top priorities: negotiate better pay increase, fix stifled career growth, and repair failed grievance process.

Arun Chaudhari

Why should you vote for me?

I believe in learning from our members about their concerns and addressing them appropriately based on my member first policy.

3 point
for change

Fix stifled career growth.

I will work very hard to ensure each member receives the career advancement deserve as part of the CBA. I will fight against career stifling tactics.

Fix the broken grievance and arbitration system

I will collaborate with NAGE national executives to make sure that member dues are allocated towards locals for advancing grievance arbritration cases and implementing a technology solution.